Working with Agents

Monitor your apps with agents. When you create an app in tCell, you're allowing tCell to access all of the data coming from the agents associated to that app instance. You must create a new app in tCell for each unique web application in your environment.

Use one agent per app

We recommend deploying either an application server, web server, or cloud delivery network agent per application, based on your app language and requirements.

You can use different agent types for different apps. For example, for an app written with Java, you can install the app server agent or for an app written in Go, you can install the web server agent.

Supported agents

tCell integrates with the following agents to meet your unique application security needs.

Agent TypeSupported Agents
Application ServerJava
.NET Core
Web Server/ProxyApache
Cloud Delivery NetworkAWS CloudFront
What's the difference between an app server and a web server?

The main difference between Web server and application server is that web server is meant to serve static pages e.g. HTML and CSS, while Application Server is responsible for generating dynamic content by executing server side code.

Supported features

The following table shows which features different agents support.

FeatureApp Server AgentsWeb Server AgentsCloud Delivery Network Agents
App FirewallYesYesYes
Suspicious ActorsYesYesYes
Account TakeoverYesNoNo
OS CommandsYesNoNo
Packages and VulnsYesNoNo
Local FilesYesNoNo
SQL ExceptionsYesNoNo