Add JavaScript Agent - Manual

You need a tCell Application and a JSAgent Key to configure the JavaScript agent.

  1. Fetch the script tag for your app from tCell portal at
  1. Identify the name of the tCell app you're using for your site. If needed, create a new application by going to tCell Admin > Applications.
  2. If you do not already have a JSAgent key you wish to use, go to Admin > API Keys. Change the scope selector to JSAgent and create a new JSAgent Key with a name of your choosing.
  3. In Admin > Download Agent select Javascript Agent. Select your target tCell Application in Application. In Step 1, select the JSAgent key you created in part b, or any other JSAgent key you wish to use. In Step 2, simply copy the generated script tag out of the web UI.
  1. Add the copied generated line inside the <head> tag of your pages or page templates to have jsagent protection on these pages.

If you want to self-host the JavaScript agent, you can download it here and change the above src attribute.