Test API endpoints

The tCell API documentation is responsive and you can use it to test the API endpoints before calling them in your applications.

Interactive endpoint

Test an API endpoint

  1. Go to the API Key Management page from your Insight Platform account.
  2. Select the User Key tab.
  3. Click the New User Key button and create a user key with the appropriate permissions.
  4. Copy the new API Key and store it carefully. For security reasons, you will not be able to view your key afterwards.
  5. On the API documentation website, select the API endpoint you wish to test on the left navigation menu.
  6. In the right panel next to the endpoint information, click Try It to test your endpoint.
  7. Complete the mandatory fields in each tab.
    Try It panel
  8. Verify that the Target is correct.
  9. Click Send.
  10. View the API response on the RESPONSE tab.

Provide additional details to the auto-generated code

This site automatically generates code to call the API in various programming languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, and Python. You can copy and paste this code in your applications but you must be careful of the following requirements:

  • The automatically generated code does not contain path or body parameters by default. You must provide the necessary parameters in the required fields in order to add them to the code.
  • After copying the generated code into your application, you must also provide the “X-API-Key” header in your code.