Log Rolling

The tCell agents use a logging strategy known as log rolling. Log rolling limits the size of the output log file. When the log file is filled, the agent creates a new log file. Further logging writes to this new file.

The default maximum size of a log file is 1 MB. To change this limit, use the LOG_FILE_MAX_SIZE_MB environment variable or the logging_options.max_file_size config file property. See Server Agent Options for more log-related config file properties.

Log directory

A log directory can contain a maximum of 10 log files.

tCell agents have the default log directory tcell/logs, except for the following:

  • .NET Agent, version 2.2.1 and greater, has the default log directory C:\ProgramData\Rapid7, inc\tCell .NET Agent\[ApplicationName]\Logs.
  • IIS Agent, version 2.0.0 and greater, has the default log directory c:\ProgramData\Rapid 7, inc\tCell IIS Agent[IIS application id], where application id resembles LM\W3SVC\1.

NGINX doesn't use log rolling by default

The NGINX agent does not use log rolling by default. To enable log rolling, you must run the chown commands detailed in the Set Up Log Rolling for NGINX article and set the log_destination config file property to file.