IPs to allow (US)

tCell agents connect to the Rapid7 Insight platform on two domains, agent.tcell.insight.rapid7.com and input.tcell.insight.rapid7.com, with your region appended to the front. For example, us2.agent.tcell.insight.rapid7.com.

Both domains must be accessible on port 443 for the agent to operate correctly. If your firewall blocks outbound connections to the internet, you'll need to make exceptions for tCell traffic.

Optionally, you may also want to allow connections to the tCell admin console from your datacenter hosts. The admin console is hosted on insight.rapid7.com, also on port 443.

If you have setup Slack alerts or if you are sending alerts to Webhooks, you will have to allow connections from,, and

Is your Rapid7 product subscription provisioned for the United States? Check your region code first!

As of April 12th, 2021, all new customers subscribing to Rapid7 Insight products that elect to store their data in the United States will be provisioned for one of three data centers. Since these data centers have unique endpoints, any firewall rules you configure must correspond to the data center your organization is assigned to. Follow these steps to determine which United States data center your organization is part of:

  1. Go to insight.rapid7.com and sign in with your Insight account email address and password.
  2. Navigate to the Platform Home page.
    • If you are not taken to this page by default, expand the product dropdown in the upper left and click My Account.
  3. Look for the Data Storage Region tag in the upper right corner of the page below your account name. Your United States region tag will show one of the following data centers:
    • United States - 1
    • United States - 2
    • United States - 3