Available product APIs

Refer to the following table for a list of Insight products and features that have public APIs available.

Product or featureCapabilitiesDocumentation
  • Create, update, and delete apps
  • Create, update and delete scan configs
  • Start, monitor, and manage scans
  • Search vulnerabilities, retrieve information, and update status or severity
  • Retrieve Insight Platform audit logs
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  • List investigations
  • Close an investigation
  • Bulk close investigations
  • Add and replace threat indicators
  • Search logs
  • Manage saved log queries
  • Retrieve Insight Platform audit logs
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  • Get, post, put, or patch saved queries
  • Query or post log entries
  • Get, post, or put details about tags and alerts
  • Get details about labels
  • Get, post, put, or delete logs or log sets
  • Download logs
  • Get account usage
  • Get API keys
  • Retrieve Insight Platform audit logs
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  • Import custom plugin
  • Execute the active version of a workflow
  • Get all jobs
  • Get job
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Insight account controls
  • Create, update, delete, get users
  • Get products
  • Assign, remove user product access
  • Get roles
  • Assign user roles
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  • List, create, and remove API keys
  • List, view tags, and create apps
  • Add, change, and remove tags
  • Get agent details
  • Get route details
  • Get inline script details
  • Get package details and list vulnerable packages
  • Get events
  • Get and list configs
  • Add and remove IPs from the blocklist
  • Post and revert config changes
  • Enable and disable CSP options
  • Copy policies
  • Get and enable rule enforcement
  • Enable and disable clickjacking options
  • Get, enable, and disable OS Commands options
  • Get, enable, and disable Local Files options
  • Get, add, delete, replace, and add items to IP groups
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Supported regions

Refer to the following table to determine which base URL you should use for the product or feature API you intend to work with. If you need to verify which data region you are provisioned for, you can do so on your Platform Home page.

All base URLs have the following structure:

Insight account controls