Available Product APIs

The following Insight products have public APIs available:

  • Create, update, and delete apps
  • Create, update and delete scan configs
  • Start, monitor, and manage scans
  • Search vulnerabilities, retrieve information, and update status or severity
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  • List investigations
  • Close an investigation
  • Bulk close investigations
  • Add and replace threat indicators
  • Get a query
  • Get a saved query
  • Get all saved queries
  • Create, update, and modify a saved query
  • Get a log
  • Get all logs
  • Download logs
  • Get a logset
  • Get all logsets
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  • Get, post, put, or patch saved queries
  • Query or post log entries
  • Get, post, or put details about tags and alerts
  • Get details about labels
  • Get, post, put, or delete logs or log sets
  • Download logs
  • Get account usage
  • Get API keys
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  • Create, update, delete, get users
  • Get products
  • Assign, remove user product access
  • Get roles
  • Assign user roles
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Supported Regions

Use one of the following base URLs for your API based on your product and region based on this URL: https://<REGION_CODE>.api.insight.rapid7.com.


United States: https://us.api.insight.rapid7.com/ias
Europe: https://eu.api.insight.rapid7.com/ias
Canada: https://ca.api.insight.rapid7.com/ias
Australia: https://au.api.insight.rapid7.com/ias
Japan: https://ap.api.insight.rapid7.com/ias


United States: https://us.api.insight.rapid7.com/idr
Europe: https://eu.api.insight.rapid7.com/idr
Canada: https://ca.api.insight.rapid7.com/idr
Australia: https://au.api.insight.rapid7.com/idr
Japan: https://ap.api.insight.rapid7.com/idr


United States: https://us.api.insight.rapid7.com/log_search
Europe: https://eu.api.insight.rapid7.com/log_search
Canada: https://ca.api.insight.rapid7.com/log_search
Australia: https://au.api.insight.rapid7.com/log_search
Japan: https://ap.api.insight.rapid7.com/log_search


United States: https://us.api.insight.rapid7.com/account
Europe: https://eu.api.insight.rapid7.com/account
Canada: https://ca.api.insight.rapid7.com/account
Australia: https://au.api.insight.rapid7.com/account
Japan: https://ap.api.insight.rapid7.com/account