InsightVM Troubleshooting

Force data collection

When InsightVM users install the Insight Agent on their asset for the first time, data collection will be triggered automatically. If you need to force this action for a particular asset, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop the agent service.
  2. Remove <install_dir>/config/ and <install_dir>/snapshots from your directory.
  3. Start the agent service again.

Force the return of assessment data

If you have assets running the Insight Agent that are not listed in the Rapid7 Insight Agents site, you can attempt to pull any agent assessments that are still being held by the Insight platform:

  1. In your Security Console, click the Administration tab in your left navigation menu.
  2. In the "Maintenance, Storage and Troubleshooting" section, click Run next to the "Troubleshooting" label.
  3. Execute the following command: import agent-assets


This command will not pull any data if the agent has not been assessed yet.