Get Started with the InsightAppSec API


Welcome to the InsightAppSec API guide, where we will walk through API basics and concepts, getting started with and using the InsightAppSec API, some examples, and more!

Workflow of the getting started with and using the API

This API guide is divided into the main stages of the API workflow.

This guide also provides common use cases for leveraging the InsightAppSec API for customized reports, automated scans, and application onboarding templates.

New to APIs?

Check out our API basics page to learn more about API fundamentals.

InsightAppSec API Capabilities

APIs easily allow you to move information between different applications and interfaces. With InsightAppSec, you can complete many of the main tasks available in the InsightAppSec interface, including, but not limited to:

  • Modifying vulnerability severity and status
  • Showing specific applications and their scans
  • Displaying the vulnerabilities from a specific scan
  • Running and managing a scan
  • Creating a new application
  • Creating a Scan Config
  • Stopping a long running scan to gather results
  • Cancel a scan
  • Delete a canceled scan
  • Updating the credentials for a Scan Config

API Documentation

Interactive documentation for the InsightAppSec API is available here:

For instructions on how to use the API, see Get Started with the InsightAppSec API.

To see other platform APIs and to check the available base URLs, see the Insight Platform API help pages.