Related Resources

Related Resources provides a graph-based visual view of resources connected to your Compute and Storage resources. You can use this view to examine threats and uncover deep insights into your cloud footprints. To view related resources:

  1. Go to Inventory > Resources and navigate to the Compute or Storage resource category.
  2. Select a resource type to open the table of resources.
  3. Click the Open Resource Properties icon.
  4. Click the Related Resources tab, then click Visualize Related Resources.
  5. Review related resources.

CSV Download Available

From the Related Resources tab, you can also download the list of resources as a CSV file.

Once the Related Resources modal is open, a graph of all the resources connected to the selected resource will appear. Displaying related resources this way provides a more holistic view of the resources' surrounding environment, giving you the context needed to effectively remediate vulnerabilities. Each resource will appear with an icon, type, and name. An icon attached to each node will denote various information, including number of resources in an associated group, if the resource has been explored recently, etc. You can interact with the visualization in the following ways:

Change graph orientationToggle the Orientation to view the graph left-right or top-down.
Zoom in and outUse the mouse wheel or zoom function of your trackpad to zoom in and out of the graph.
Move in the graphClick and drag to move around the graph.
Expand grouped resourcesDouble-clicking a resource that is in a group (for example: 3 in Group) opens a window containing a list of all resources in the same group. From here, you can remove resources from the group.
Extend additional resourcesDouble-click a node to extend additional resources from the selected node.
Open the graph with selected or root node as the focusRight-click a node to open the contextual menu and click Make Root Node.
Extend additional resources from the selected nodeRight-click a node to open the contextual menu and click Show Related Resources (performs the same action as double-click).
Open a pop-up windowRight-click a node to open the contextual menu and click Quick Look to open a moveable window containing properties about the resource.
Open a full list of resource propertiesRight-click a node to open the contextual menu and click See All Details