Test a Workflow

How do you know if the workflow you’ve created will work? Running your workflow with test data allows you to debug your workflow and make sure its steps and outputs work as expected.

You can test a workflow as you are building prior to activating it, or by editing a currently active workflow. To test an active workflow you can select View in Builder and then Test in the top right-hand corner. If you wish to apply some changes first and then test it select View in Builder and then Edit, once you made your changes you can select Test to test them. The original workflow will remain active and unchanged while you test your changes. Once confirmed working, you can update the active workflow by clicking on Publish Changes to apply your changes.

To test a workflow:

  1. In the Workflow Builder, test a change after you’ve made it. To test an active workflow without interfering with any open jobs, edit that workflow but do not Publish Changes.
  2. Click Test in the upper-right corner of the workflow builder.
  3. When prompted, provide test values for the required trigger inputs.
  4. Click Test Workflow to run it. This opens a dummy Job Details modal that displays all test data generated by running the workflow.
    • If your workflow requires a human decision, the test job details will include a panel to submit a decision.
  5. If your workflow runs successfully, review the job details to make sure they reflect what you expect.

Tests vs. Jobs

Tests of workflows do not create jobs. Your test values should reflect real world data in order to produce expected output that help you check the validity of the data entered, connections, variables, and the workflow.

The test will connect to external services and use any test values you provide. For example, if your workflow includes a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) step, the test will actually send out the SMTP email if correctly configured.

If Your Test Fails

If your test is unsuccessful, your results will display a warning alert and you will be presented with the choice to either dismiss the test or take no action at this time.

The cards in “All Outputs” will flag the step where the job failed, and direct you to check the log for further information on the error.