System and Network Requirements

You'll need the following system and network requirements to install and use the Insight Orchestrator. The Insight Orchestrator will run as either a virtualized Ubuntu appliance (OVA method) or on a dedicated physical or virtual Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 or 8 host.

Centos 7 Orchestrator End-of-Life

The CentOS 7 Insight Orchestrator is reaching end-of-life in June 2024, meaning that it will no longer receive security updates or patches. Rapid7 highly recommends that you install the new Ubuntu Orchestrator. If you have existing CentOS 7 Orchestrators in your environment, you can follow the steps to Migrate an Orchestrator.

Operating Environment

The Insight Orchestrator runs as a virtualized machine on the following virtualization platforms:

  • VirtualBox
  • VMWare
  • AWS (conversion to AMI needed)

VMWare Version Requirements

The orchestrator .ova requires SHA256 support. If you are a VMWare user, make sure you have a VMWare ESXi Server version number above 6.5.0.

If you need to convert the OVA for compatibility, visit the resource here:

Required Production Hardware

The orchestrator requires the following resources:

  • 4-core CPU
  • 8GB+ available RAM
  • 64-128GB available storage

Disk Space Requirements

You should provision at minimum 64GB of disk space for the orchestrator. The more workflows you intend to use, you should allocate more disk space in advance.

Network Connectivity Requirements

Ensure that the following domains and ports are accessible to the orchestrator:

  • {region}
    • Replace the {region} section with the code for your area: us,us2,us3, eu, ap, ca, or au
  • {region}
    • Replace the {region} section with the code for your area: us,us2,us3, eu, ap, ca, or au
  • Port 443 / TCP for HTTPS egress
  • (EPEL packages)
  • packages)
  • (For nightly updates to the orchestrator)

If XFS is your current filesystem, the ftype setting must be correct for Docker. To check that you have this setting, run xfs_info / | grep ftype=1 | wc -l in a terminal window. The command should return 1. If it doesn't, your XFS filesystem is not compatible with our Docker installation.

When using the script installer with a RHEL 7 or 8 image, ensure SELinux is disabled or set to permissive mode.

Software Requirements

In order for InsightConnect plugins to run on the Orchestrator, Docker CE (Community Edition) is required for all supported operating systems. The virtual appliance will ensure Docker CE is already installed while the install script will ensure the necessary Yum repo is added and that Docker is installed for both CentOS 7 and RHEL 7/8.

Supported container engines for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Although Docker CE is not directly supported by Red Hat, it remains a system requirement for running InsightConnect on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is the only container engine currently supported. The Red Hat Container Tools module (such as Podman) is not a supported replacement for Docker CE, has not been known to work, and has not been tested by Rapid7.