Workflows 101

InsightConnect provides you with a wealth of resources to help you get up and running with workflow building as quickly as possible. We've created introductory lessons to walk you through building a "welcome workflow."

Open this Tutorial in InsightConnect!

Our Workflows 101 tutorial is also available in-product! Just click the ? button in the lower-right, then click Workflows 101 Walkthrough and select a lesson.

Complete these self-paced lessons to learn orchestration and automation skills and how to use InsightConnect components to achieve your goals:

  1. Create Workflows with Triggers and Artifacts
  2. Use Variables and Test Workflows
  3. Use Action Steps and Plugins
  4. Use Decision Steps
  5. Add a Filter Step
  6. Use Loops
  7. Display Data with Artifact Templates

The lessons are designed to be completed right after installing and activating your first orchestrator. While you are free to dive right in and learn as you go, we crafted this experience to maximize your success and help you build workflows more effectively.