Initiate a Report Remediation

You can report the URLs and domains that are included in an alert to Google Web Risk or to PhishTank. This can warn others of the potential danger of those indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Initiate a report takedown

Steps required to initiate a report remediation.

To initiate a report remediation:

  1. From the Alerts list, select an alert.
    If the Remediate**** option is not displayed, the selected alert is not a candidate for remediation.
  2. Open the Remediationpanel in one of the following ways:
    • From the Alert banner or the Alert description  footer, click Remediate.
    • From the Alert options  section, click temporary placeholder.
  3. From the Reports tab, select to which services to report the website.
    The IOCs that can be reported are displayed.
  4. To report an IOC, point to it, and click the plus sign.
  5. Click Report URL.
    When an IOC has been successfully reported, a checkmark is displayed.