Manage and Configure Rapid7 Extend

This topic describes methods to manage and configure the IntSights Extend browser extension.

Extend browser states

The IntSights Extend browser icon indicates in what state the browser extension is.

The following table shows the indicator states:

If the icon looks like thisThe extension is in this state
temporary placeholderEnabled.
Web pages are being scraped. If IOCs are found, the amount is displayed.
temporary placeholderNot logged in.
To scrape, click the icon, then Log in to Threat Command.
temporary placeholderDisabled.
To enable, click the icon and clickEnable.
temporary placeholderError.
To see the error message, click the icon.
temporary placeholderEnabled, no entries.
No entries to scrape on the current web page.

Change default Extend scraping method

If Extend is enabled, you can change the way in which pages are scraped.

To change the default scanning method:

  1. From the Extend summary window, click the settings gear.
  2. Select a default scraping method.
  3. Click Done.

Disable scraping on a specific domain

You can disable (or enable) scraping on a specific domain.

To disable (enable) scraping:

  1. From the domain that you don't want to be scraped, open the Extend summary window.
  2. Click the settings gear, then select Disable on this domain.
    To enable scraping on a domain on which it was previously disabled, click Enable.
  3. Click Done.

Severity levels

Scraped entries are marked with the following color-coded severity levels, taken from the severity in Threat Command. If the entry is not in Threat Command, it is marked as "N/A."

For IOCs:

temporary placeholder

For CVEs:

temporary placeholder