Install and Configure Rapid7 Extend

Installing Rapid7 Extend is as simple as installing any other Chrome extension.


  • Chrome (v88 or later) or Firefox (v84 or later).
  • Ability to log in to Threat Command, either as admin or analyst.
  • Subscription to browser extension and (TIP for IOCs or VRA for CVEs).

To install the browser extension:

  1. From a supported browser, visit these links:

  2. Click Add to <browser>.
    If you are asked to give permissions, review and approve.

  3. If additional approval is requested to install the extension, grant approval.

  4. (Optional) From Chrome, click the Extensions icon temporary placeholder, then pin Rapid7 Extend.
    This step is optional, but highly recommend for maximum benefit.
    temporary placeholder

  5. In theWelcome screen, set your privacy policy.

  6. Select the default scraping mode.

    • Always on - Scrapes all web page data and shows in your browser immediately.
    • Scan on demand - Scrapes only after clicking the extension icon temporary placeholder.
    • Disabled on this domain - Do not scrape the current domain.
    • Disabled - No scraping is done.
  7. Click Save & Start.

    The extension is installed in the selected scraping mode.

    You can change the default scraping method.