You can cause automatic alert triggering for mentions that match specific search criteria. If the search query returns more than 200 average daily mentions, this option is disabled. You can add additional tags to the default query name tag. Queries that automatically trigger alerts are displayed as such in the Query Manager, together with the count of how many alerts they generated.

The IntelliAlert feature is available for users with a subscription to both Threat Command and TIP.


The following limitations apply to automatic alert triggering with IntelliAlert:

  • Per account, you can select up to 100 queries to trigger alerts.
  • Per query, a maximum of 100 alerts can be triggered every 24 hours.
  • Alert triggering takes place on each selected query once an hour.

To trigger alerts automatically:

  1. Create or edit a search, as described in the previous sections.
  2. Before saving the search, select Create alerts from query.
  3. Set the create alerts from query options:
    1. Set the maximum number of alerts, up to 100, to be triggered in 24 hours (default: 10).
    2. Set the severity for the alerts (default: medium).
    3. Add additional tags to the created alerts.
  4. Save the query.

Mentions that match the specific criteria will create new alerts.

You can edit the alert triggering settings, as described in To edit or delete a saved query.