InsightIDR Event Sources

Cloud event sources are being phased in from December 2023

InsightIDR is adding cloud event collection capabilities to a select number of supported event sources. This will be a phased release, so if your environment is not yet displaying the Run on Cloud option for the event sources listed, please be patient–your environment will update shortly.

To send log events in InsightIDR, you can either forward them from a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) or you can collect the log events directly from the event sources.

It is also possible to combine these methods: You can forward some event types from the SIEM and then send the remaining ones directly.

Cloud Event Sources

For a select number of event sources, there are two ways to send data to InsightIDR; event collection through the Cloud or through an on-premises Rapid7 Collector.

Currently, these event sources support cloud event collection:

The benefits of cloud event sources are:

  • You can set up your event sources without the need for an on-premises collector. This saves you the time you would have spent installing the collector and the cost of maintaining the computer on which it's installed.
  • Event logs are directly ingested into the Rapid7 Platform. This cuts down on network traffic and means that your data reaches InsightIDR much faster.
  • Rapid7 can more easily provide support and maintenance if you need to troubleshoot an issue.

Event sources parse logs in English only

The data that InsightIDR receives from an event source can be parsed only through English. If the ingested data fields are not in English, the data will go to the Unparsed Data log set. Read more about unparsed data.

InsightIDR Event Sources

Active Directory

Browse our Active Directory event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Snare Active Directory via Dell SecureWorks LogVault
Advanced Malware

Browse our Advanced Malware event source documentation:

Data Exporters

Browse our Data Exporter event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP)
Deception Technology

Browse our Deception Technology event source documentation:


Browse our DHCP event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP
  • Dnsmasq DHCP
  • MikroTik
  • Sophos UTM
  • Bluecat

Browse our DNS event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Bluecat
  • Infoblox DNS
  • MikroTik
  • PowerDNS
  • Dnsmasq DNS
E-mail & ActiveSync

Browse our E-mail & ActiveSync event source documentation:


Browse our Firewall event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Cisco IOS Firewall
  • Juniper Netscreen
  • Juniper Junos OS
  • McAfee Firewall
  • Sophos Firewall
  • Stonesoft Firewall

Browse our IDS/IPS event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Corero IPS
  • Dell iSensor
  • Dell SonicWall
  • HP TippingPoint
  • Juniper Junos
  • Metaflows IDS
Ingress Authentication

Browse our Ingress Authentication event source documentation:


Browse our LDAP event source documentation:

SIEMs/Log Aggregators

Browse our SIEMs/Log Aggregators event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (formally known as Nitrosecurity)

Browse our VPN event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Cisco ACS NAS
  • Fortinet FortiGate
  • F5 Networks FirePass
  • Microsoft Network Policy Server
  • MobilityGuard OneGate
  • SonicWALL Firewall & VPN
  • VMware Horizon
Web Proxy

Browse our Web Proxy event source documentation:

InsightIDR also supports:

  • Cisco IronPort
  • Fortinet FortiGate
  • Intel Security (formerly McAfee) Web Reporter
  • Livigent Content Filter
  • McAfee Web Reporter Web Proxy
  • Squid
  • TrendMicro Control Manager
  • Watchguard XTM
Rapid7 Universal Event Sources

InsightIDR can now universally support selected data types from any product’s logs, so long as you convert the log output from your product to JSON that matches the Universal Event Format (UEF) contract.

Raw Data Event Sources

Raw Data event sources allow you to collect log events that do not fit InsightIDR's user behavior model or are otherwise unsupported at this time. Raw Data event sources allow you to collect and ingest data for log centralization, search, and data visualization from any event source in your network.

Browse our Raw Logs event source documentation:

You can also utilize NXLog to transform logs from your application.

Web Server Access Logs

Browse our Web Server Access event source documentation: